il sole penetra le illusioni ~ Day Break Illusion Episode 1: Dark Spot of the Sun

It’s a bright, sunny day in Somewhere, Japan, and a girl with a crab claw unfortunately affixed to her head happily eases on down the road, stopping to help a pregnant lady with her groceries up soem stairs, suddenly a clock tower chimes in the distance, and she looks down to see, SHE’S LATE. She continues running, to arrive where she was heading to, and surprisingly, it’s not to schol, no Akari is on her way to a Fortune telling shop. There’s a decently sized queue of school kids waiting to be ripped-off by the fortune teller inside, as an old woman peers out to tell Akari to hurry on up inside.


UntitledAfter the OP, it turns out Akari is the one doing the ripping-off, as she reads Tarot cards, and tells some girl some bullshit about her relationship, the girl happily goes along with this and thanks Akari for robbing her. Later, in another room, Akari and the other con-artists – two women, and a man in a fabulous purple dress and and full make-up – discuss the unfortunate fact that for the ost part they’re rumbled, and as a result they aren’t getting much business. However, Akari’s predictions are usually correct. The Man in the dress somehow attributes this to their low business, but wouldn’t a psychic who’s right most of the time, drive more business, not less?

UntitledThey then start discussin Akari’s dead Mother, who was also a tarot reader who wanted to help people with tarot ( help them with that heavy money, they’re carrying) anime Peggy Hill insists that she also appeared to be troubled (perhaps she had morals) but immediately clams up when asked about it. A grandfather clock in the room rings, and reminds Akari that she hs to go home and shit, her Auntie might be worried that those gypsies are rubbing off on her. Hank Hill’s wife tells her she’s free to stay at the fortune telling shop, but even Akari knows when to leg it, telling her no thanks, and runs off.

While running outside, a mystereous figure is seen hising behind a tree outside – a pissed off customer! Whatever, Akari running is all we care about here. She runs through a shopping district taking note of a cute flower arrangement in a window. An over dressed Goth Lolita walks behind her, and drops a ribbon, Akari informs her (as if she’d notice) and gives it back. She gets into the back of a car with an equally overly dressed girl, and says something about the Wheel of Fortune (the Tarot card) and we’re on to our next scene. Fuyana (assumedly Akari’s sister) is called into her room, and Akari is having trouble fighting off the plant thing that’s currently enveloping her room.


It’s not as exciting as it sounds.

Her sister (?) cuts her down, and Akari tells her sister (?) that it grew again, and her sister (?) informs her that it’s growing to her room. Fuyana offers her scissors, but Akari assures her that she’ll put it off until later. Akari also has apparently bought the pearled flower she saw at the shop earlier for her sister (?) – at dinner, a man who appears to be Akari’s father asks how the scam business going, and she happily exclaims that it’s fun. However, she’s being scammed herself, and isn’t getting paid for scamming other people, because she’s an apprentice. Dad pours a beer, and asks what’s so exciting about Tarot cards, at which point, Akari points and screams at the camera a bunch of nonsense about their origins in Egypt, and such, until assumedly her Aunt tells her to shut-up, she’s just as annoying as her dead Mother.

UntitledSomeone’s Father happily tells Auntie that she’s just enjoying her hobby, and turns to Fuyana and quizzes her on if she has one. She Shame-faced whispers that she has one, but is interupted by Auntie, who gives her some line about keeping her grades up. Mr. Dad Man insists that one day Akari read his fortune, as she lives there, he won’t be paying for this. So Auntie get’s in on the conning of the apprentice con-artist, but Fuyana just gets up and leaves, Auntie shrugs it off, and begins talking of the second anniversary of her mother’s death, which is coming up on Sunday.

Later that night sad piano music plays, as Akari remembers her mother snatching a deck of Tarot cards from her, as she was on her death bed, apparently not wanting her to get into this life of gypsy-dom, like her, and Fuyana studies, because this is all she’s good for, apparently.

The next day at school, the teacher hands back the midterm results, and Fuyana is first again. Two girls stand over and admire her superior intellect meanwhile Akari has many more fans fawning over her, and she also steals Fuyana’s two friends with her deception. She offers some girl some aphorism about how “it’ll get better”, and the girl is completely impressed for some reason. Some kid asks if she could see what’s for dinner, but since this requires an actual answer she refuses it. At lunch the two named characters sit next to each other, Akari was up all night researching Tarot, she says she wants to help people, but who knows how.

Fuyana points out that people will appreciate her if she’s right, but if she’s wrong – why would a psychic ever be wrong? – they’ll be pissed. Akari rebuffs her and says that while Fuyana’s smart and can do whatever, she’s a poor, dumb slob who can only get by on even dumber slobs, by making them fork over money.

That night, Fuyana is studying, then a branch of the overgrowth of a plant coming from Akari’s room snaps magically. The next day, Akari is noticibly down, so much so that a fish salesman babbles about how she’s usually brighter than the Sun, or some such garbage, when suddenly a truck on top of the strangely proportioned hill Akari was walking up, magically disengages it’s parking brake, and comes barreling at an oblivous Akari. Her brain eventually sends electric waves to her body to move out of the way, and the truck crashes into someone’s building.

UntitledLater at the Den of Inequity, Akari is reading her own fortune (I assume she has to pay for that) and explains she almost got ran down by a rogue truck, the Man in a dress has now added a shawl, and also took note of the weirdo from before. Apparently he wanted to know what he can “do” about his wife, and figured the best way to go about this is to creepily stalk outside the place he wants answers from. Mostly because Dress man already told him it was hopeless, and that he should just give up already.

The next morning, Akari, and her Aunt and I guess Uncle are getting ready to take her to see here mother’s grave. Aunt and Uncle are wearing black, while Akari and Fuyana have opted to wear their school uniforms. As Akari tries to apologize for telling her that she can do whatever she wants, Fuyana coldly walks toward the dor, not saying a word, or even acknowledging Akari’s existence.
At the grave site, Akari does the usual thing of lacing flowers on the grave, and praying as we close-up on Fuyana, and the screen fizzles more.
Back at the house at night (this is a show of transitions), Akari is having trouble sleeping as some mysterious groaning wakes her up, she looks about and sees…


This Thing then attacks her with it’s root-like tendrils and… oh my, it’s that kind of show. She tries to fight back, but passes out, because it’s choking her as well. It looks like the first and last episode of “il sole penetra le illusioni ~ Day Break Illusion”, will end on a sour note after 1 episode after killing it’s main character. That is, until her Tarot cards start like, glowing and shit, while this is happening, she sees visions of a magical girl, running about with a flaming sword. She then opens her eyes, and it was just a nightmare… or so she thinks, until she looks up and see the pearled flower (that was in the trash earlier) and a pool of blood rush down, she looks up to see her cousin, I assume, horribly mangled, and hemorrhaging badly. To her horror, she’s completely dead. She screams, forcing the screen to recede into darkness.

The next day, the exact same thing as the previous day happens, and surprisingly, her parents don’t pay much mind to their now dead daughter. They go back to the grave, and repeat what they did previously again. Later, elsewhere, sinister music queues up, as clouds roll in, and some weirdo with a ghostly aura staggers forth towards a building, clearly possessed.

TUntitledhe Aunt and Uncle, still showing no concern over their corpse of a daughter, see off Akari, as she merrily skips on off to somewhere to do something. then suddenly, a dark voice comes out of nowhere, telling her to “KILL”. She looks back and see noone behind her, just a dark and spooky corridor, she rushes off to the fortune-telling parlor on fire, and when told that the residents are still inside, she rushes, her unprotected body to attempt to do what the well prepared, and knowledgeable Fireman with flame retardant suits can’t, with nothing to stop her, but some guard, feebly throwing up his arm, and commanding “HEY!” This cry doesn’t stop her, as she rushes her easily burnable skin into the building lit ablaze, and discovers the three gypsies, passed out in a hallway. As she tries to help them, she hears the mysterious growling, and turns round to see the possessed pyromaniac behind her, gritting his teeth. She asks the obvious question of why he did this, as opposed to why didn’t the fire-fighters just already save the people inside, or why they let her in the room in the first place, and made no attempt to stop the random little girl running into a fire, with no protection. He answers by growling at her, and throwing fire, surprisingly she doesn’t burn to death, and instead, a tarot car is also seen receding into the background. Then time is warped, and Akari looks up to see that she’s now facing off against the Winged Dragon of Ra.

UntitledRa hits her with a fireblast, but then the fire, instead of burning her horribly, it picks her up by the neck. A card blasts light at her, and she transforms, into some sort of magical girl, but the dark kind, because this show is EXXXXXXXTREME. From out of another card she pulls a flaming sword, makes a pose, and begins to thrash the monster. She eventually kills it, and destroys some mysterious orb that appears in the monster’s place. soon, some water based attack comes, and frees her from the bizarre cocoon she became caught by, and it’s three other weird girls, who picked the perfect time to show up after Akari did all the work. It appears the monster is not fully dead as Ra in it’s one winged angel form, blasts an attack now at the interlopers. One of the girls puts up a shield, which is just magical enough to stop fucking magical fire. The other girls also do stuff and send Ra to the Shadow Realm.

The girls gossip about her being wasteful, while she’s half-dead in front of them (nice one, jerks) and take her back to her realm. The gypsies are being loaded into ambulances, while the three girls watch out in the open next to some trees, without being questioned as to their sudden appearance. The over dressed girl from earlier, sporting some bizarre blue outline walks away with Akari, the other over dressed girl says something about her awakening on her mother’s death anniversary, and the episode ends.

Well, that was something. Akari’s cousin became jealous of Akari for no reason then gets murdered by her because we needed to show how dark this show is, and will get. Stuff just kind of happened with no explanation, like Akari’s sudden depression the day she almost got killed by a truck, and everything about Fuyana.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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