il sole penetra le illusioni ~ Day Break Illusion Episode 2: The Blood-Soaked Future

We start off in room, where Lil’ Akari is playing with blocks then a pair of legs walks into the door, exciting the little girl for obvious reasons… oh, turns out it’s just her mother. She hugs Akari who points out the bloody gash on her arm surprising her mother who apparently didn’t realize that Akari could see things that are in her line of sight, and she hurriedly tells her little girl that she’s fine and hugs her again. Meanwhile, a slightly less lil’ Akari wakes up in a strange bed in a strange building, next to her a deck of tarot cards. As Akari surveys her surroundings the over-dressed girl from last episode comes into her room. Her name is Etia Visconti, which is a really stupid name, she tells Akari that the gypsies are fine and recovering at a hospital, then welcomes Akari to Sephiro Fiore.

UntitledEtia explains that she bought her here to both protect and proposition her, she tells Akari that she did indeed fight a monster, and a more stern voice tells her it was a Daemonia, because “demon” was too stupid a word. The stern voice belongs to Ariel, Etia’s Deputy Director (so, they’re like Cops or something?), Ariel also overdresses in a similar fashion to her apparent boss Etia, which, unless it’s a uniform, is just weird. The Daemonia are apparently very “by the book” monsters who grant wishes, and make their… victims (?) sign legally binding contracts. The Daemonia then make their ugh… partners (?) slaughter others, and are the cause of all the wars in the world. Sephiro Fiore however was established to take down the Daemoia and their legally binding contracts. SF operates under the horrendous cover of a “Fortune-teller school”, and they have various branches all over the world. Their “organization” has 21 members (Wow) who can use the Elemental Tarot, which is the power Akari used last episode.

These powers are instrumental in destroying the Daemonia, and without these powers, well… they can;t destroy the daemonia. Anyway, Akari just so happens to be the 22nd person they were looking for, as she can use the “Sun” card. Etia asks Akari for her help, but Akari reasonably doesn’t know what the fuck is going on. Etia tells Akari that her Mother fought with them too, Akari then asks Etia if she knew her Mother, in case she was lying just a second ago when she said she knew her Mother. Etia then tells Akari something that her mother allegedly said about stopping these unfortunate events. Akari asks if she can really do it, then Ariel, who has not moved an inch or said a word until now, asks of Akari is Hinata’s daughter, in case Akari was lying when she asked Etia, if she knew her mother, who Etia had already said she knew.

After some carefule deliberation, we’re taken to Akari’s room in her Aunt and Uncle’s house with all of her stuff packed up, until Akari notices a black book with nothing written in it. Her Aunt then tells her her rides here, and she’s off. As she gets into the car, she tells Akari that her mother also went to a fortune-telling school when she was her age, in case the audience thought Etia was lying when Akari asked if she knew her mother, after she said she did, before Ariel asked if akari ws her daughter. Akari then responds with stock anime phrase “I’ll do my best”, and then heads off to the “school.”

UntitledWhenever, Ariel assigns the teams, and Akari gets three losers. They’re all newcomers, so they suck just as much as each other. Later the crow that was on Ariel’s shoulder begins talking, and a talking cat says that “She” won’t die in vain now. The losers in Untitleda hall somewhere gossip about their new partner, the green haired loser thinks she looked cool, which is an understandable mistake to make considering the weirdies she’s surrounded herself with lately. She wonders if they can be friends with her (well, they’ll kind of be forced to) Ms. I’m too Cool For School And I Have Blue Hair says that they don’t need to be friendly with their new partner, and the blonde just goes along with the last thing said, and her suddnely agreeing with Ms. Fuck You All, I’m So Much Cooler Than You makes her angry. The two walk off, while Green hair continues to jizz her pantyhose.

Later when she finishes, and assumedly after she changed her pantyhose, she knocks on Akari’s door and introduces herself as Tsukuyomi Luna, I assume her power has something to do with the Moon. She invites her to dinner, because she thinks it’d be nice to eat together (assumedly with the rest of the team) when she doesn’t get an answer, she breaks into her room without her permission and sees her sleep on her bed, with her plants again growing unnaturally large in a short amount of time.

Akari is dreaming of the time she was Lil’s Akari again, and her mom was in the hospital, and Lil’ Akari grabs her mother’s tarot cards to be admonished by her that she promised not to touch them. Akari wakes up to…

UntitledDude, what the fuck?

This violation of personal space doesn’t scare off Akari though, in fact she thanks her for breaking into her room, and sleeping in her bed uninvited. She also introduces her to her bizarrely fast growing plant, that only grows fast in her room (IT’S BECAUSE SHE’S THE SUN, AND PLANTS FEED OFF OF THE SUN, I GET IT). Akari asks Luna what her powers are, I can’t figure at all what Luna’s powers could be. It’s the Moon, apparently Luna’s powers deal with the Moon, didn’t see that coming, the unintended side-effect of this is that dogs come up to her… sure. Luna tells Akari that she’ll be happy to help her get through her first days at the organization, and also wank while laying in bed next to her, because the first days are the hardest… yeah, I bet something else is hard, too.

Later, Ginka (The blonde) and Seira (Ms. I’m Too Cool For School But I’m Here Anyway Because I;m Too Cool To Generically Skip It) are eating and babbling about their food, and nutrition and stuff no American cares about until Akari and Luna (Luna assumedly on her third pair of pantyhose now)  join in on he already in progress dinner. Ginka introduces them properly to the audie… I mean Akari. Over dinner they begin swapping lives, like how Akari had no idea about this so-called secret organization, which is a secret, until she was let in on the secret, which was now. They begin telling their backgrounds, Ginka was told of tarot when she was little… well, littler and so was Luna, and so was Seira. Which only leaves Akari who wasn’t told at all, possibly because fighting Daemonia is dangerous, so her mother may have been trying to protect her.

UntitledAkari blows this off and says that she just needs to “do my best” and fight, because people being attacked is awful. The next day the girls go through the regular school beats, with Luna and Akari bending each other over in gym (Hey!), and doing everything else that you’d do in a normal school. Akari assumed there’d be more training and tarot reading, apparently this is on purpose to keep the girls ready for the real world just as much as their Daemonia fighting. Background music plays over a PA it’s their cue for a mission, the girls run down a dark 3D corridor  through a set of 3D doors into a room full of computers, gears and overly complicated machinery, the four girls each get into an individual cage-like apparatus, while the weird triplets run the overly complicated protocols.

UntitledThe machinery lifts the girls up high opens the floor under them and drops them into the spot on the floor where they were standing. The triplets tell the girls to “do their best”, and they call them “Onee-tans”, because the translator was too lazy to translate that. The girls each fall through giant versions of their cards, and transform into their magical girl counterparts, while saying words at them except Akari, who doesn’t quite know what the fuck is going on still. The girls teleport into a dark and empty forest scape with bare trees, and complete darkness. The girls are attacked by a large swarm of tiny gnats. After murdering the gnats a giant Preying Mantis walks out of the darkness and begins roaring at the girls. Wasting no time (no time for planning) Akari rushes the Mantis at which point it opens it’s chest and releases more gnats upon the girl. Seira creates an ice gun that shoots ice bullets, while the other do less cool fighting.

UntitledAfter Luna binds it (I bet there’s something else Luna wants to bind) Akari rushes in to finish it off as she does the weird orb as seen in last weeks episode appears again and as she’s destroying it she remembers a certain somebody, her cousin Fuyuna who she murdered in cold blood, apparently. The realization of this makes her revert to her civilian identity, and allows Zorak to release more gnats to prey on her unprotected body. Ginka protects her however using Pay Day as Akari crashes to the ground. Luna then has the job of taking her back to safety.

Back at Sephiro Fiore, Etia explains that they had to alter her memories, so she wouldn’t remember murdering her cousin, apparently the shock of which almost cause HER to be taken over by a Daemonia. Akari asks why they do such cruel things while Etia’s breasts remain silent. Akari with tears in her eyes scream that this means she killed Fuyuna twice, which makes absolutely no sense, she decalres that they should have just let her alone as she’d rather have been taken over by the Daemonia. Etia tells her that as successor to the Sun card if she had been taken over they’d have to kill her, as opposed to the others taken over by the Daemonia who they’ve killed.

While in the shower, Seira apparently remembers someone who she must have murdered when she “awoke”. Because this is a DARK magical girl show, where the only way to get in is to KILL the ones you love. SO DARK. The memories and history of ones killed after being infected by Daemonia are erased, and Akari as such will never have to answer for any future MURDERS she commits. WHICH WILL BE ALOT. SO DARK, YOU GUYS. As Akari cries over her mother’s grave, her aunt comes in and has a chat with her. She apparently ran away from the school, and her Aunt is confused, she said she wanted to go, and the rest of the bullshit Akari feed her as to why she went. Akari mentions Fuyuna, and her Aunt has no idea who the fuck that is, this cause her to cry more, and scream that she’s sorry.

UntitledAkari has also apparently passed says the talking bird and cat, since sh’sremained (mostly) stable after regaining her memories. Etia begins raising her voice at the bird, until Ariel backs her down, the bird replies with what amounts to “That’s what I thought you said”. Akari mopes at a peer and declares she has nowhere to go now, when the dark voice from last episode says “terrible”, likely giving his opinion on this episode. She looks up and sees a man on a boat emanating a dark aura as a kid tells his dad to hurry up. The Mast of the ship suddenly breaks off and heads for the Father and Son pair until…


This show is so dark and deep.


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