Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3 Episode 2 – I Am Charged with Guarding the Lady

In her bed Yura remanences over the game she played the previous day, and the amazing skill shown by her sempai. She turns over in her bed and declares that she just doesn’t know. A curious voice asks what it is she doesn’t know. It’s actually a naked girl, standing in front of her letting the air have it’s way with her private parts.

UntitledYura is freaked out to say the least.

The naked girl is actually Sonora, Yura’s roommate who we actually met last episode. After putting on clothes she introduces herself properly to Yura, who’s surprised she knows her name, but Sonora explains that it is written on the door, so she just pt the clues together. Sonora asks if she’s gotten used to the place, because she should, since it’s heaven. Yura begins playing in her hair as a sign that she’s nervous again, and tries to break the awkward silence with a horrendous question about Sonora’s bath habits. Sonora explains that she just so happened to take her shower then, because she got home from a shooting competition in America. Her legs get “like this” after long plane rides so she went jogging after coming back. Sonora’s stomach prevents a second awkward silence as she inspects two rieballs sitting on the table, Yura tries to warn that they’re leftovers from the day before but Sonora doesn’t care and eats them anyway, commenting that they are perfectly made, and the rice was “squeezed together without being squeezed”, or some nonsense.

UntitledSonora then begins having a flashback to her younger (well, younder-er) self trying to press riceballs. She whines to “Master” about having to press all these riceballs, who doesn’t listen and instead shoots a Bonsai tree with an airsoft gun. He takes a bite of a riceball then chews out the impertinent little girl that tihs one’s too tight, this one’s too loose, and this one’s just not right. He then threaten’s to keep an airsoft gun for just a little bit longer, he then tells her to “squeeze without squeezing. Which sounds more like an excuse for him to get the little girl to make him more food.

Sonora finally snaps out of it, and looks at the girl sitting across the table from her, she’s playing with her hair again, and she wonder’s if Yura has mastered this nonsense without ever hearing it once. She asks if Yura has a master, Yura takes note of Sonora again, but isn’t sure what she’s talking about, Sonora nervously backs down from the question and asks her a new one, about if she’s thought of which club to join. Yura tells her no, but she did get an invitation from some “weird girls with guns”, and they shoot at each other. Yura reveals the ending to last week’s gun fight that she got shot, therefore Kari won, in case you thought Yura pulled a last minute miracle shot. She practically gushes over he experience.

At the clubhouse, Kari who clearly has nothing better to do, decides to rub chalk on an eraser, then  run with the eraser leaving chalk in it’s wake. Yuchiyo blames Kari (again) because Yura was clearly scared and had no clue what she was doing, Rento disagrees and believed that Yura was having a great time. Honoka believes that regardless of whatever the fuck everyone else was talking about, one more nudge should be all Yura needs to join their club. Rento thinks they should lure her with cake, but Kari tells her she already did that making her sad because cake is all she’s good for. Yuchiyo decides they only have one option, while standing and dropping the pellets she was holding in a dust pan, that option is to slap her with a wad of cash. While tha’s an excellent idea, and would get many people to join their club, they quite clearly don’t have that kind of cash just lying around.

Sonora, meanwhile, is doing some recruiting of her own and asks point blank if she’d like to join C³, she’s not quite sure what that is, then realizes that’s the group with the girls that shoot each other. Sonora tells her that’s correct, and that she is the President of that club. Yura freaks out and apologizes profusely but Sonora reassures her that she’s right, they are weirdos. She asks her did she have fun and despite her gushing over it earlier, she’s a little more reluctant to answer that one. So, Sonora ask if she’s not interested. As she tries to answer this new question, she hears the girls she met earlier talking through the walls, and squirms a bit while Sonora smiles happily in her face. She’s not disinterested, however she feels she won’t fit in and she’s sure she’ll just cause trouble for everyone else.

Sonora seems down, but puts on a smile and assures her that in that case there’s plenty of other clubs then she heads off for another run. Some time later after her run, Sonora is walking through the halls, when she’s ambushed by the rest of C³ who want to know if Yura decided to join. She tells them that she declined, and Kari angrily tells her that she was a perfect candidate and what are they going to do now? Honoka insists that she must have a plan, and Sonora again tells them no, if Yura doesn’t want to join, then Yura doesn’t want to join. The girls however take this entirely the wrong way, and decide they have to try harder now to recruit her.

UntitledThey follow Yura who’s trying to decide where to eat her lunch at with a particularly depressed look on her face. C³ then set their genus plan into action. Rento ambushes Yura and asks her to fill out a questionnaire. Yura scared out of her mind agrees, then Rento presents the form and asks her to ill out her name here. She agrees, but a major flaw arises in C³’s plan, Yura can read, and as such she reads that this is an application to join C³. Knowing they’ve been rumbled, Rento retreats. They try again with Kari, dresses as an “omomancer”, and tells her that if she fills her name out she’ll tell her her fortune. She then presents the same registration paper. Yura, who can still read, freaks out and legs it, this time they just decide to give chase instead of retreating.

Sonora, reading a book on  top of the school building takes note of her crazy club members and nervously chuckles at this blatant violation of Yura’s personal space, and then pretends to sleep so she can pretend she never saw them, in case Yura tries to bring them before the principal.

The members of C³ having lost Yura spread out in front of the bathroom, which happens to be exactly where Yura is currently hiding. While eating her lunch in a stall (gross) she wonders why they’d even want her of all people to begin with.

Sonora, still pretending to sleep, is “woken up” by her club members and even admonished for not forcing Yura to against her will join C³, like the rest of them are doing. Speaking of whom, she’s followed them to the roof, and grabbing a hand full of hair nervously babbles about. C³ want a clear answer, but she’s not giving it to them until Kari decides that they’ll just do a war game to decide. Putting Yura on a team with Sonora and the rest are their own team. This isn’t quite the response Yura was expecting, or even Sonora. The rules are set that if Sonora and Yura wins she doesn’t have to join C³, but if they lose then she does, and Sonora gets her own punishment having to polish the guns in a swimsuit.

UntitledWell Sonora is in, though Yura hasn’t said she will or won’t yet. Sonora then mock her club members by saying that she won’t even carry a gun, and she’ll still win. This girl’s hardcore. Rento thus declares this a VIP battle, and as per usual Rento doesn’t know what’s happening but is worried that they’ll Sonora full of holes, clearly forgetting that they’re not using real bullets. Sonora says she doesn’t have to worry because she’ll have Yura to protect her, and declares her her guard. Yura has no idea what she’s supposed to do though, then Sonora puts her hand on her shoulder and tells her to trust her. Well, that’s enough assurance for Yura apparently.

The rules for VIP battle are explained. They’ll use the entirety of the old school building, Yura has to guide the VIP, Sonora from the third floor to the first floor and out of the door unharmed, and she wins. If they take out the VIP, Sonora, however they win. Yura thinks this oer in her head, and is told that if she kills all the assailants it also counts as a win. There are multiple stairways, but she can’t use the same ones multiple times, likely to assure she actually goes through a floor, instead of just running down the stairs.

Now that the rules are explained Sonora has another question…

UntitledOh my.

Turns out the VIP always wears a dress, it’s a C³ rule, which seems like a lie as Sonora is the president and pretty clearly was surprised by wearing the dress. She give Kari a smack for insinuating that the dress looks horrible on her, and they decide to begin in 5 after the after-school bell rings. Inside, Yuchiyo has set up on the third floor, Honoka and Rento on the second and Kari on the last, cracking her neck as they wait for the games to begin. Sonora checks out Yuchiyo with a mirror, and tells Yura to make sure that the safety is off. As sonora gives more last minute instructions, Yura accidentally pulls the trigger and begins rapidly firing at their cover. As Yura recoils from this, Yuchiyo has her in her sights, but Sonora rescues her. Welp, there covers blown so Sonora tells her it’s time to go, Yura retreats back into her nervous attitude decalring she can’t do this, then Sonora in her dress jumps between cover, opens a door and tells Yura to fire constantly. Yura does as she’s told and nervously fires while running, forcing Yuchiyo to take cover herself. She look up sees a few frightening figures and begins firing, Sonora calms her down amd makes her take note tht they were just the pictures on the American founding fathers… in a Japanese classroom. Sonora pulls out a handgun that was hidden in a busted open Violin, likely because she’s low on bullets, since she wasted so many of them.

Sonora then pushes out a kettle drum and rushes Yachiyo, she gets up and fires at her with a handgun and shoots at her until Sonora overturns the drum and the bullet richochets off the empty back and hits her. She’s hit.  Honoka declares that she screwed up, without taking into account that Sonora is good. Yura just lackadaisically walks down the stairs as Honoka fires at her, before she decides to retreat back up. They then decide to take a different set of stairs, since they didn’t go down, logically they can go down the next set on that side. Rento assumes that they’re instead going to jump from A THIRD STORY WINDOW, because Sonora would never go down the stairs the regular way, and as she holes up in a classroom the two girls run past, BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT FUCKING INSANE.

UntitledThe girls use a mannequin for distraction, that Honoka fires wildly at. She stops and realizes they were messing with her, as Rento takes an appropriate position inside the building. Yura raises the gun behind the mannequin which is calls for Honoka to fire wildly at it again, as the bullets fly, they pull the mannequin back in, as Rento jumps out and fires at same-said mannequin. Which of course means that they’ve now “hit” each other, and Kari, their ace, is the last one standing. Apparently this was Yura’s plan judging by Sonora’s praise.

UntitledYura insists that they have no chance against Karila, she’s actually good. Instead Sonora decalres that it’s getting good now, and rushes on ahead, while Yura whines. Kari is ready, but so is Sonora as they make a plan for the ace shooter. Sonora kicks open a plank on the floor, and saw a giant hole in it, she plans to get the drop on Kari. Yura isn’t too sure of the plan, going so fr as to call it cowardly, at which point Sonora reminds her what’s at stake. Yura complains that the hole is dirty, and almost screams at the sight of a bug. They look ahead to see Kari also in the hole, as she apparently had the same plan. Sonora leaps out in her dress followed in short order by Kari who literally runs up the fucking wall and on the ceiling. Sonora takes cover and Kari slides into position and begins firing until a meta plate floats into the air, it’s Sonora and she’s taken a shield. Yura, who’s proving to be a terrible bodyguard watches from the hole.

UntitledYura’s imagination overtakes her and she imagines Sonora in a frilly(-er) dress taking hand-to-gun combat with Karila who’s in a black suit. Sonora tells her to take the shot, at which point Yura rambles and hesitates. Kari takes aim, decalres it “over” and Sonora drops back through the hole. Karila suddenly becomes the worst airsoft player ever and stands in place and shoots wildly into the hole. Yura moans that she can’t do it, ayt which point Sonora tells her her balls were good… her rice balls that is. She tells her that squeezing the trigger is the same as squeezing riceballs together, taking a page out of her Master’s book for making little girls make you more riceballs. I’m not sure how it helps in this situation, but whatever. She puts her hand on Yura’s hand as she hold her gun and tells her that she knows she can do it, and tells Yura that she can even call her “Sono-Chan”.

UntitledThey come out of the hole, and stand together to take aim at Kari, who likely ran through her bullets after she became a drooling moron of an airsoft player, and she’s hit! Yura doesn’t have to join C³, and Sonora doesn’t have to clean their guns wearing a swimsuit! On the walk back Sono and Kari shoot the breeze, while Yuchiyo, Honoka and Rento lament letting an excellent prospect in Yura get away. Meanwhile, Yura’s heart begin pounding so loud no other sounds are heard in the area, and Yura watches the people who she’s grown to admire will now walk out of her life forever, until she mumbles under her breathe that she will join the club, Rento turns having barely heard her. She repeats, that she will join C³, even though she won the game and doesn’t have to. Rento is the most visibly excited, especially after drafting her herself.

UntitledRATING: 4 OUT OF 5

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