Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club Episode 2 – Memories in the Distance!

Gou Goes Wild

Rin and Haruka get ready to start their race that they started so long ago, and set the race at a 100 meter free-style, as they jump in and the other two comment on their varied styles, the OP starts.

After the OP, Rin lays about in his bed until he gets a text from his sister, Gou. He doesn’t seem to happy to talk to her, and flings his phone across his bed, exclaiming “Kuso”, which some fansubbers would translate as “Fucking Shit Ass Bitch Fucking Cockin Cunt”, or something. The text asks if he went to see Haruka and the others. Clearly, Rin is creeped out knowing that his sister is apparently spying on him. He mumbles about never being able to beat him, thus telling us that Haruka whooped his ass back at the pool.

Haruka for his part, is still playing out his sick object fetish with water, even shooting some from his hands, close to his crotch area, at a nearby dolphin toy.


After this sickening display, at school the boys are being read the riot act for now not only breaking into an abandoned swimming pool, but breaking into an enitrely different school, as well as their pool. The other school however decided to not make a big deal about this, because they’re Japanese, and the Japanese fear making big deals out of things. Ms. Frizzle tries to back him down though, and attempts another terrible, and useless saying to save the day about a fish or something, until… the principal, I guess (?) interrupts that he hates fish, leading her to lower her head in shame.

Later the boys discuss how useless she was, and ask for Haru’s attempt to slander the poor, useless woman… and they realize that he’s gone. He probably found a water fountain, and is desperately trying to splash the water on himself. No, he actually walked way ahead of them, and since they lack peripheral vision, they just noticed this. Meanwhile Gou walks towards them in their direct line of site, so they can actually see her. Nagisa and Gou then get into an argument over the correct way to pronounce her name. Nagisa is technically correct, as her name is Gou, but she prefers Kou for whatever reason, Gou quickly learns a valuable lesson to never argue with a crack addict, as he pulls the old Bug Bunny trick on her, to make her say “Gou”.

UntitledLater, Gou is curious if they meet up with her brother, leading Nagisa to say that “Rin-chan is so mean”, and cries that he completely ignored he and Makoto, probably because Nagisa is still is unaware that he is in fact a boy, but that’s another story.
Anyway, even gou has had trouble contacting the boy, having called his phone, e-mailed him, and called his dorm. Nagisa wonders why he changed so much, apparently Gou was using the boys in her ploy to make him open up more, but it didn’t quite work.

Makoto catches on that she somehow tipped off Rin to the boys being at the swim club, being found out, she tries to explain that, um no, she was just trying to help, as flashbacks reveal that she was in fact eavesdropping on the boys earlier, and sent a text to Rin that he never replied to. This is also why she went to Haru’s place though how she found out where he lived is anyone’s guess.

UntitledNagisa having not heard anything anyone else has said, has a brilliant idea: Let’s start a swim club. Makoto and Gou are completely confused at this completely random suggestion, but it appears there’s a bit of a method to Nagisa’s crack induced madness. If they start a swim club they’ll get to see Rin at tournaments. Makoto isn’t sure however if Haruka will go for it, however he plays it cool by telling them whatever, while knowing in the back of his mind, he’ll have an excuse to get his freak on with a pool full of water, without being labelled a “trespasser”. Later, in apparently Haruka’s living room, Gou protects her innocent virgin eyes from Haruka’s form as they explicitly explain that Haruka will be expected to join the club. Gou then has a bit of an interesting internal dialogue about not ogling naked men, but her lustful urges reign supreme as she turns around and…


Gou goes wild/ Haruka finally takes note of the stranger in his house, to which Nagisa fills him in that this is Rin’s little sister, apparently realizing that this is a girl. He calls her Kou, which Gou likes very much, though this is mostly due to the fact that she’s not water and thus he has hazy memories of her. She apologizes for what her brother did, and he insists that this strange not-water skin monster making noises at him not to worry about it. He then goes to his kitchen to make some food. Nagisa wans chocolate, but since they’re in his house, and he’s doing the cooking they’re having Mackerel. Nagisa then goes to “help” Haru make the Mackerel, at which point Gou notices the one trophy the four boys got for winning a relay competition. She notices that everyone in the picture is smiling, except Hsruka of course, who had to be away from water to take the picture.

Rin reveals that Rin has come back to Japan every year for New Years, much to the boys’ surprise as they thought this was Rin’s first time in Japan since he left. Nagisa again thinks that this is mean, and Haruka gives a slight reaction for the first time something other than water were mentioned, that Makoto notices from like several feet away, with Haru’s back toward’s him.

UntitledThe next day Nagisa has already picked up a new club registration form, and in front of the others even fills out what the club’s purpose, seemingly so no cute girls can get together and make a club where they just do cute things like waste school resources on their useless club. He makes Mako the Club Captain, to his surprise since Haru’s faster, but Nagisa essentially tells him that Haru’s completely worthless and would never commit to such responsibility, in a round-about way. But Haru will be the Club Vice-captain, meaning if Msko dies then he becomes the de-facto President, and if he dies then the Club Speaker of the House becomes Captain. Haru didn’t sign up to do any work though, and isn’t thrilled about being the nomination. Nagisa backs him down, and insists that Vice Captain’s have no real power, he’s just as useless as the Queen of England, offending both Vice-Captains and the Queen of England. Nagisa ignores this and makes himself the trasurer, so he can be close to the money so he can keep his crack supply up. Now they just need a Faculty Advisor, I.E. a Teacher. Nagisa wants to ask Ms. Frizzle, because he heard a story from the other students. He doesn’t say what it is, though.

UntitledThey ask her, and she declines. Likely, because she has other shit she’d rather do, than watch over a bunch of students in her off-time. Nagisa explains that he heard she previously had a job that involved swimsuits, again, not saying what it was. This causes her to turn purple in classic cartoon fashion. She then whispers and wishes to know who she learned this from, it was some random character we do’t know or care about from their class. Makoto who’s not very good at picking up hints thinks that she must have worked for a swimsuit designer, to which she nervously “admits” to. Makoto then hopes that she’ll be able to inform them of the technology being used in competitive swimwear, falling for the marketing ploy by sports companies that there’ some super-secret “technology” involved in the first place They then ask her to “Advise” them, and bow at their teacher. She begrudgingly agrees to help her dumbass students.

UntitledHaru who has more dignity instead just sits on by a window and flinches by looking at the Sun, because it’s not made of Water. Meanwhile, Gou goes to see her brother, but he’s not in. She then barges into the swim club’s area and goes over all goofy again, at the site of all those hot, wet men. One of those hot wet men asks if she’s the one looking for her big brother, he then goes over goofy himself and declares her cute. She then cutely tells him that she’s looking for her brother Rin… and he doesn’t know who the fuck that is, or more there’s no one on the team by that name.

Back at nightmare swim club, Rin has again trespassed and is walking around and stops in the room where they oddly left a bunch of pictures up. His eyes quiver at one and that’s it.

Next day (I guess) Ms. Weirdie sternly informs the boys that after careful review… they’ve been approved. Mako and Nagisa are exceited, knowing that a former swimwear employee would be one they could count on. She reels at this response, but comes back to tell them that they need 4 members to have a club, and they have three people – teacher doesn’t count – so they have to find one more member.

UntitledAnd there’s one more condition, she says as she shyly hides behind the paper…they have to clean the unused pool that has grown plants all over, and is is complete disarray. Mako and Haru weren’t up for this, and try to leg it, but Nagisa and Ms. Swimsuit “Model” stop them. They both give them the same expression, and tell them that escape is futile, and they said they were willing to do anything. A montage plays of the boys picking out the weeds, and going to a hardware store that specializes in pools to witness Haruka strip and attempt to get into a fishtank… dude’s fucking nuts, and showing off their horribly photoshopped posters, and dragging in the art club to paint the pool.

UntitledThe boys are finishing cleaning the last parts of cleaning the pool, as what’s her face talks about how nicely a job they’ve done, at which point Nagisa screams at her to help, as she sits in a chair, with an umbrella and watches the boys do all the work. Meanwhile, Gou walks her way into the area and comments on how clean the pool is, Nagisa immediately tries to draft Gou to help with the pool, as she screams that he call her “Kou, or he won’t get any of “this”. (Woah, moving a little fast there don’t you think, Gou?). Later, Nagisa runs around trying to recruit people finally adding a doll of the Iwatobi club’s mascot, Iwatobi-chan, and people all walk away wanting nothing to do with the swim club. Nagisa, dissapointed whines about it, while Haruka whittles more Iwatobi-chans. Nagisa declares it’s time for their last resort. Their adviser will give them the shirt off of her back (literally, if the have the right amount of cash). Nagisa’s plan involves informing the masses that she is their adviser, and tell everyone they’ll get to see her in a swimsuit if they join. However, Frumplelina has other plans and says that she’ll quit immediately, and says that she said she’d never put on another swimsuit again (for free).

After the stern warning, Mako is painitng the fence, as Gou brings him some food. She questions why they never started a swim club in their first year (other than they grew out of caring at the time). Haruka wasn’t interested, apparently so there was no need to even try. Haruka quit their middle school swim club in like one year, as well, and hasn’t done competitive swimming since. gou wonders if her brother also has very little interest in actually swimming as well, explaining that he didn’t join the swim team at the school he attends, she assumes that he’s so weak weak willed that he must have quit because he lost to Haruka. What a pussy. However, Mako has a different idea and we go back to when they were swimming at the swim club at the top of the episode. Nagisa and Makoto uselessly pose into the camera and comment on the race. They’re pretty much even, except they’re not, except they are, except they’re not because Rin’s legs put him ahead. Until Haruka decides that he needs not rely on other people, just to drift throught the water for his freaky water fetish… and Rin wins.

Gou is surprised, Rin won? Then why’s he acting all weird, and not responding so she figured he got that ass whopped. Nope, Rin won… and wasn’t happy about it. Haruka tells him he did great, and now he’s mad. What a fucker. Rin grabs Haruka by the goggles (that are hanging around his neck) as Fujoshi everywhere have a starting point for all that homosexual erotic art they’re going to draw, or Yaoi as they call it, until a teacher breaks them up.

UntitledHaru never gave a shit about the competition, he just wants to spank it to water. Gou remembers seeing her brother all excited about winning the big relay, and insists that Makoto let’s her join the club, since they’re in want of a 4th member. Her reasons are that they’re the only ones who can bring her brother back to the way he used to be. She figures she can serve as their manager, which is a useless title so they can make up the ranks. Nagisa who’s nosey, andhas noone to talk to, because Haruka’s not giving him anything wants to know what the hell they’re talking about, and he tells him the good news. They’re official. Haru then manages to give a sibilance of human emotion for once.

UntitledMakoto tells his mother who’s giddy with excitement, while his kid brother and sister fight over food. His siter stole food from her brother because fuck him he never eats it anyway, but he insists he does eat the meat, dammit. He then stops the argument, by giving his kid brother his ham, to which his sister, who will likely be morbidly obese in the future asks for some more. He gives in to the future fat girls demands, and give her his ham too, at that moment he’s informed that the swim club is finally being torn down. Haruka looks at the wreckage as a pizza boy from Pizza Boy Pizzeria talks to him about how sad it is. He then asks if he ever attended the swim club, and Makoto realizes something, as we’re shown images that features the boys, and a figure shwoing it’s back to the camera in each shot. He’s Coach Sasabe! The pizza boy is confused, until he tells him his name, they shoot the shit, as coach now works part-time as a pizza boy, because he has no other skills. He asks about the boys, because the last time he saw Rin he looked glum, one time when he was closing the pool for the year, the impertinent boys forced him to open so they can have a race, one that Rin lost and cried like a bitch about. This was after he started going to a swimming school abroad, and it somehow didn’t magically make him faster. The boy walked off dejected over how his new school is ripping him off.

Makoto finally understands the reason Haruka quit competitive swimming, because he hurt sore-loser Rin’s feeling. Makoto who’s somehow gained Rin’s number tells him they’re starting a swim club, so he should get his ass in gear and join his school’s swim club, because they may meet up at a tournament. Rin begins saying that he’s already joined the swim club (to himself) and that he’s not joining to swim against them but for some other vague reason.

UntitledThe next day, the club toasts to the pool they fixed up (Well, Three of them) and mention that it’s not warm enough to swim yet… But Haruka can’t take it any longer, he’s got the feeling in his pants, and he has to swim goddammit. They throw in chlorine tablets to christen the the pool, but as Haru gets ready to take care of his water boner, Gou gets a boner all her own. Haru get’s in the unseasonably cold water and completely ignores everyone’s warnings about the pool, and dies from hypothermia.

That’s all folks. The end of Free. See you next week.

RATING: 3 out of 5

Kind of middling episode, Haruka’s complete enrapturement with being in or near water is definitely a thing to behold. While Rin clearly wants to be the best, he’s a pretty big sore-loser, and may have detected that Haruka during their race, didn’t race as fast as he could (because he started fantisizing about the water again during the race, and may have lost a step. That’s what I got out of his sudden, fantasy.Gou has also progressed as a very interesting character, with her tricept fetish. Makoto is still utterly useless.

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