Day Break Illusion Episode 3 – Voices of Condolence

Last week we discovered that Akari brutally murdered her cousin, and no one cared, because they were all made to  forget, then Akari remembered, and this is apparently the norm for students at Sephrio Fiore. She was also assaulted by a horny lesbian named Luna, who’s powers involve the Moon (duh) and pantyhose jizzing (gross). This news disturbs Akari (not her lesbian teammate, though she is a bit of a creeper) and she runs off to  a dock and suddenly sees a man standing on a ship,  emanating a dark aura getting ready to murder a father and son with the ship’s mast. The man does a weird jig and the wind picks up, and the mast shivers, while the father holds his son to protect him from the scary blowing air (d’awww). Akari stands and watch, and remembers her murdered cousin again, until the mast breaks clean off and dives straight for the two.

UntitledUntitledAfter the OP. The Mast continues to fall, and Akari helpfully softly mumbles for the two to “look out”, as the father sheilds his son from impalement, instead of… you know… moving out of the way, it’s blasted away as if by magic or something, and lands slightly to the side of them. the father takes his son and legs it, as Akari in magical girl forme, fights an incredibly stupid looking ship monster, which blasts it’s wood at her. In the real world parts of the ship’s masts come apart and fly in the direction Akari is in in the magical world, all while looking really stupid. Akari continues to beat off the ship’s logs with her stick, until she hears a voice asking for help and is distracted long enough for the ship to send out a tendrill and grab her leg… uh oh. Fortunately, it only throws her into the red sea below (slightly to the right?) of them, which she flies out of, and prepares to destroy with her copyright-friendly light-saber.

UntitledAnd then she remembers Fuyana. Again. And pauses before attacking a body that is wrapped in a bag, and is hung on the monster ship’s mast shooting orifice. A terrible flaw in design. She stops herself from attacking letting the Daemonia grab her with it’s rope like tendrils and waits for it to kill her… until she’s saved by two people we’ve never met before. The two kindly and loudly announce themselves as Priscilla and Mel, Mel uses power of the Magician to shoot objects at the ship, and Priscilla uses Restrain to place a giant cage around it. Meanwhile Akari hears what it apparently the Daemonia proclaim that it hurts. Priscilla then throws knives into the air that form a giant dagger, and charges with the power of the Fool (well, that explains her hair). She charges the Daemonia preparing to finish it off for good, until Akari stops her, as she was apparently going slow enough that her momentum didn’t impale the Daemonia anyway.

UntitledPriscilla asks if Akari knows what she’s doing as Akari remains stoic and silent, then suddenly the very nice boat teleports away (nice trap jerks) and the girls are all teleported back to the harbor. Monster boat having now beat an escape, Priscilla grabs Akari and demands to know how she will take responsibility for this, because what if it hurts more people? Akari doesn’t answer, only grunts, and Mel backs Priscilla down, much more chipper about the murder boat that’s now running free and instead insist they’ll just destroy it next time. Akari finally grunts out words and asks if she’ll be taken back, they reply that yes, she in fact will. Etia’s words are absolute, Akari being a little shit says no, pissing off the short-tempered Priscilla, however the still more chipper Mel insists they have no other choice, while Akari’s derisively looking away Mel sneaks electrified handcuffs on her, that she apparently kept in like her purse or something, making Akari a sight for Luna’s sore-eyes.

Back at Sephiro Fiore, Ariel reads Akari the riot act by telling her that by leaving the organization she can no longer escape Daemonia, and that by fighting alone she’ll just die pointlessly. Akari says she doesn’t want to kill anyone, even incurable monsters, who are pre-destined to slaughter the innocent, Ariel points out that by fighting the Daemonia they’ll be saving lives, like the father and son that she saved from the Daemonia that she let get away, that is probably murdering someone else right now, if not the same father and son. Akari continues that she wants no part, but too bad it’s her destiny.

At a graveyard, the talking Raven flies in from the night’s Plutonian shore, and quoth “Akari is back. She defended a Daemonia, what are you going to do about it?” said the thing of evil, perched upon the tree branch. Etia flinches. Akari is apparently thrown in the dungeon, until, and she apologizes. The freaky triplets are snitching to everyone (well, her team, but likely to others as well) as the red one tells Ginka to shut the fuck up. Ginak’s having a hard time figuring out why she’s being jailed, Seira points out that because she ran away, though Ginak thinks this is a bit of a harsh punishment for just running away, while Luna wonders if she’s OK aloud, and if she’ll be allowed her conjugal visit in her mind. Etia soon emerges and insists that it’s time for the strategy meeting. Etia shows some shots of multiplying cells, that are related to the daemonia, no new information, the Daemonia outbreak however is hovering around a staggering 0.005%, and in the next two weeks, they could have trouble as dormant Daemonia in that small number range awaken, they need to get this impossible measurement down to 0.003% however.

Seira asks if they can detect Daemonia before they hatch, however they cannot. It’s human thoughts get in the way, making any and all dormant pokemon untraceable. Ginak groans that this may cause them to be late, but Ariel is having none of this insisting to her that since they are basically in the business of murder, so they have to be on the one the mark so as to not senselessly kill some random innocent. Seira grunts that she wants to eliminate them effieciently, not wanting innocent humans to die, likely refering to the humans that the Daemonia take over. Areil again explains that there is absolutely without a doubt no other way to deal with the Daemonia, once they take over a human, then everything that made them human is gone. So don’t feel bad about killing them, it’s the only way.

In a rather luxurious bed for a dungeon, Akari  again goes over remembering the time her Mom snatched the deck away from her, getting every ounce out of their money’s worth of those flashbacks animations as possible, she then flashbacks to more previously used animation as she remembers the Daemonia begging for help. Inn case you missed it 10 minutes ago. She sits up wonders if that was the Daemonia she heard, and in more recycled animation remembers Fuyana again, and begins crying.

At breakfast (or lunch) the three girls wonder what Akari’s going to do. Will she quit? Well, even if she does that doesn’t change for them insist Seira, they’ll just continue to fight without her, because her indesicive-ness will just hold them back. Luna wants her to stay for obvious reasons, then Seira points out that they are putting their lives on the line, and she could become a major liability. Ginka tries to lighten the mood, by saying that she’s just in it for the reward as Luna goes to get her conjugal but disguises it by saying she’s bringing her food, Ginak pointing out that the perverted little girl is quite assertive when it comes to Akari. Like jumping in bed with her when she’s asleep, huh?

UntitledIn the dungeon Akari lays on the bed as Luna brings her two sandwiches, Akari’s tarot cards have been strewn about the floor,and Luna seeing opportunity runs to pick them up, while getting a great look up Akari’s skirt. Later, after collecting them akari and Luna sit on the bed as far apart as possible, as Luna holds her hands in her crotch to hold herself in. She pushaes the sandwich plate toward Akari, being extra careful not to remove her other hand. As Akari begins eating, Luna begins with her life story. Three months ago when she joined, she was put into this exact same cell as well, she also feared fighting Daemonia. Ginka and Seira had been their before her for 6 months already, so they were just fine without her. Akari ells Luna that she heard their voices, but even in Luna’s love-struck “agree with anything they say” mindset, she has a hard time understanding just what exactly this means.

Elsewhere as the Sun sets, two young boys are playing on a swingset, laughing and just enjoying life without a care in the world, because they don’t have to have jobs, or pay bills. The man from earlier stands and watches them, then emanates with aura and prepares for the kill, as a Police Officer on a bike tells the two boys it’s time to head home. Since as they’re kids they also can’t stay out whenever they want. A major downside of childhood. Back at sephiro Fiore, Seira does 200 push-ups with her legs elevated on her bed, Ginka talks to her Father about how the pay is good, and how they’re fighting for justice, while Luna vacantly stares at the Moon and flashbacks to a time when a bunch Untitledof shadow people in a dark room talk of using her as bait, because she’s damaged goods. They then all laugh heartily at the prospect of using the sexually frustrated little girl for their own needs. Because they’re very apparently evil. She’s however told by Serena Onee-chan, which I assume is her full government name, that she’s not damaged goods. As Luna reaches out for her hand it disappears and behind her the love of her life appears, as Akari holds out a hand amidst a lighted background as back in the real world she reaches her hand up into the air.

In the dungeon Akari has now moved from using animation scenes to re0using audio clips as she remembers the thing Luna told her earlier. Akari claims that she will never forget, as we’re shown Fuyana, aain as she clutches her cards to her chest. In the morning, Akari has requested an audience with Etia and Deputy Director Ariel. She tells them that she heard the voice of the Daemonia, or more accurately, the voice of the person who became the Daemonia asking for help. Etia and Ariel gasp, but the triplets who are there for whatever reason are quick to refute this as impossible. Ariel backs them up and says that the Daemonia are not human, therefore they cannot have voices and cannot be saved, and tells her to stop feeling sorry for them. Killing them is the only thing that has ever worked and it shall continue to work.

Akari’s not willing to back down from her point and insists that she’ll find out on her own, and until then she will be a willing participant in the battle. So, they let her go. Luna and Ginka rush up to find out what happened, but Seira threatens that if she lets the side down, she’ll kick her ass. Etia and Ariel talk over if what Akari claims is even possible, Etia isn’t sure enough to say one way or the other.

Somewhere a nursery aids walks a bunch of kids in a hotel laundry bin for some reason as they all sing about the choo-choo train. It’s almost enough to make me become a Daemonia. The man who almost killed the kids from earlier looks on in horrror.

Akari and Luna discuss Akari’s coming back to the team, Akari begins on not being sure what she’s going to do as Luna sneaks a look at her ass.

UntitledThe kids meanwhile are singing a Japanese version of “The Little engine That Could”, as the man walks up behind the nursery-aide. The girls run into action as she walks the kids througha set of train tracks… a very inconvenient way to freight pre-schoolers. While in the middle the train’s gates fall, and a wheel of the bin get caught between tracks. The kids begin crying, finally realizing what their stupid teacher has gotten them into. The train comes the fuck out of nowhere, and prepares to murder the kids in the prime of their lives. The train transforms into Cthulhu, but Ginak holds back Cthulhu train with her sheild, as the aide takes the children out of the dirty clothes bin. The boat monster is also here? Seira and Luna fightit, as Akari hears it beg for help, while it inks on the ground. We’re shown the Fuyana scene again, in case it hasn’t sunk in yet. Seira asks what the fuck’s up, as Akari says she’s going to listen to the monster (what happened to the train?) then Seira shoots at her, splitting her cheek. She says that if she gets in the way she won’t hold back. She then holds out her hands to block the Daemonia, as she attempts to kill Akari, Luna activates her power and…

UntitledLuna is down for her bitch, says that she believes in her. Akari takes the time to transform to normal and listen to the Daemonia, while Ginka fights Train Cthulhu by herself. Inside the boat monster’s flashback we see the man, and what is apparently his son. he was killed in some unseen accident and transformed into a pool of blood, and the man was apparently told that murdering children would bring his own child back. Obviously this didn’t work. The monster claims that he doesn’t really want to harm children. Meanwhile Train Cthulhu finally presses past Ginka’s shield, and Seira breaks free from Luna’s sick fetish, and the boat monster begins thrashing about again. In the real world, the nursey-aide apparently still standing on the tracks despite all the time she’s had, watches as the train begins charging forth again. She shields the last child, instead of, you know, running, and the monster asks for Akari to kill it. As seira begins to do the honours, Akari obliges the Daemonia’s wishes, and the train skids to a halt right at the nursery-aide, who didn’t even try to move out of the way, and despite the fact that the momentum should have killed them anyway.

Later she tells Etia that she’s found her own answer, in a way. She doesn’t like it, but this is just the way things are. Fuyana’s death would be in vain if she just ignores it, even though no one any longer know who or what the fuck a Fuyana even is anymore. Etia tells her to follow what she thinks is right, as Seira just glares at her from out her window. The Raven and Cat are interested in this development and decide to use her as a Guinea Pig.



I figured out what about this show rubs me the wrong way. It’s a bit too ambitious in the wrong way. They were so quick to kill off Fuyana in episode one that despite seeing her corpse three-to-four times the past 3 episodes, no one cares. she didn’t add anything to the show, her and Akari were barely shown interacting, she just suddenly becomes jealous then murdered by Akari. Also, Luna’s little allegory for why she’s so attached to Akari makes little sense as well. I can accept that Luna has a huge crush on Akari enough that she wants to hop in bed with her, but that whole flashback sequence again, makes no sense. It wold probably work better if it were reversed, Akari being thrown into a world she has no knowledge of, feels alone and see’s Luna holding her hand out to help her.

That makes more sense because Luna has actively been more instrumental in helping Akari adjust to the place, even sharing her own story of when she first joined Sephiro Fiore, but Akari hasn’t really done much of the like for Luna. How could she? Luna is obviously more versed in how the place, and their roles as murder… magical girls work.I also dropped it a number, because while I appreciate Akari realizing that hey, maybe there’s another way, all this PLUS Akari just going out and killing the thing anyway over-powered what good the show had.

This show wants to tell it’s story, but it’s really rushing itself, it’s like the reverse Flowers of Evil, where they stretched the story out so much that by the end of episode 13, they had to resort to begging to be supported for season 2, because look at all this cool shit that could happen then, it’s more than has happened since episode 7, even.

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