Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3 Episode 3 – Does Enemy Fire Pierce Even the Soul?

The members of C³ ride a bus to the High school Survival game tournament. They all discuss their involvement in the preparations, Yachiyo and Karila pose for a picture, as Yura tiredly goes over hand signals, until she passes out sleep. Sono wakes her to tell her the proper hand-signal for “sniper”. Afterwards she announces that they’re “here”. Here of course being the location of the high school survival game tournament. Yachiyo and Honoka marvel at the amount of people at the tournament, and especially the amount of girls that have joined. Yachiyo whines about how come there aren’t this many girls at their school interested in Survival Games, as Yura kind of hides in the bus doorway. Yura is impressed with the size of the field.


UntitledAfter the OP, Yura immediately asks of a hot spring, and Honoka and her giant breasts know all about the hot spring. Sono says it’s time to put their markers up. Markers? Yes, according to Rento it’s so they know who’s an enemy, and who’s an ally, because they’re stupid and can’t recognize each other? Either way, they get markered up, and begin going over strategy. It’s capture the flag, but with fake guns. That was easy. Honoka thensuggests that Yura would have an easier time if she tied up her hair for the tournament, we’re then treated to a sequence of the girls putting Yura’s hair up into numerous styles, that she is not that thrilled about. Sono instead gives her the option to just leave her hair as is, and tells her to put something on her. Yura is relieved.

It’s tiem fore the tournament to start and he participating teams are lining up at the gates, Rento tries to bring up the morale by saying “Let’s go for broke”, at which point one of the Sono horribly quips back that they don’t want to break… ughhhhh… and then Yura suggest they go “with guns blazing”. Sono loves it, and thus C³ goes with guns blazing. On the battlefield, Yura is worrying herself blue, at which point Sono who can apparently read her mind assures her she’ll be fine, she’ll protect the flag so Yura can just enjoyed being on offense.

The buzzer rings, and the games begin. Rento launches an airsoft grenade into the air, because such a thing exists, and the opposing team who all decide to stand in one place, realize that it’s coming right for them, and haphazardly run the fuck out of the way. Karila charges forth, while Yura looks about nervously until Rento informs her that she should probably get going. Karila slides into view of one guy, who has terrible aim, as she rushes up the wall, and jumps off, and performs some sort of aerial cartwheel, and “hits” the guy.

Another guy has Honoka and Yura cornered, and Karila takes it upon herself to set a distraction, while the guy blindly shoots after Kari, Honoka gives the signal to Yura that says “He’s distracted, now’s you’re chance to open fire and fuck his ass up”, at least that’s what Yura thinks, as she actually gives the signal for “wait, what are you doing, you’re completely misinterpreting my hand signals”. Yura takes the advantage and blasts at the guy, Honoka turns in shock to see… that he’s been hit. Yura is over the moon, then suddenly thinks it over and apologizes to the man for hitting him, well she is Japanese. Honoka tells her that apologizing isn’t necessary in a survival game, after all they know there’s the potential consequence of being hit, Yura’s Japanese sense takes over and she apologizes to Honoka as well.

UntitledMeanwhile Sono hangs back at the flag as three members of the opposing team come to surround her, she declares that this’ll be fun, and the three advance. Sono grabs the shaft of the gun from a guy who decides that his ranged weapon will work much better if he charges at the opponent, and disorientates him, and shoots up one of the three men. The man who’s gun she grabbed, takes this too seriously and SWINGS THE FUCKING GUN AT HER FACE. She easily dodges and let’s loose a pink beam of orange pellets from her gun (yeah, sure) and “hits” the crazed man.

UntitledUntitledBack at the rest of the battlefield, one man tries to prevent the members of C³ from advancing, Honoka derisively stating that “even” Yura can take the flag, which seems pretty open. Honoka gives the signal for “This guy’s a fucking weakling, get your ass over there and take the flag, he ain’t got shit on you”. Honoka runs ahead to draw his fire (he’s currently firing at Rento) and as he tries to shoot Yura who’s come out of hiding Kari shoots back before he has a chance to, he’s cornered 4-1, probably 5 but Yachiyo doesn’t seem to be present. Yura jumps and the screen goes white… C³ has won thanks to Yura.

UntitledAt the base the girls congratulate Yura on a successful first game, and Yura just glows in the admiration, we’re then shown a montage of the girls fighting other teams, and advancing quickly up the ranks until only two teams remain. The PA announces a one-hour lunch break, Yura whines that they’ve been playing for so long, while Rento apparently misses what she means and declares that each round is only 15 minutes long. They go to the lunch hall and sell us on the deliciousness of Curry, as Rento sets out some sweets. Honoka and her breasts confirm that their next opponents are Meisei Women’s Academy, as Kari groans about it, Yachiyo explains them as being “demonic”. C³ have apparently fought Meisei four times before, and they’ve always ended in a draw, therefore they’ve never beaten them. The leader, Haruna Rin, is also very good explains Rento. Rin was also Sono’s survival game partner in America, Kari says that since she’s never been able to beat her, playing against her is boring, and therefore, she’d never want to play with anyone like her. That sounds like loser talk to me. Yura wonders what she’s like as she takes a swig of her water, and then looses control over it, and almost drops it, she looks about nervously as Sono goes to get more water, Yura volunteers to come with her. On the way, Sono makes a quick restroom break, a first in animation, Yura then fills her bottle, drosp it again, and has it picked up by a mysterious black-haired girl, wearing all black, that she somehow mistakes for Sono. The black-haired girl then suggests that it’s good to see Yura again. An old buddy?

It turns out the girl was actually talking past Yura to Sono, Sono introduces Yura as their new teammate and asks if she thinks she’s cute. The black-haired girl then declares that Sono is too, she then changes her demeanor to say that she’ll never forgive her, as Sono glows happily in her general direction. The girl then turns to walk out, as Yura has no clue what the fuck is going on. After the black-haired girl has turned, Sono’s smile turns to a frown.

UntitledBack on the battlefield C³ goes over strategy, Yachiyo is happy she gets to be an attacker again, instead of a sniper. Their plan is to instead of leaving a team to defend the flag, they’ll all press forth AT ONCE, and surround Meisei. Karila is ready, but Yura tugs her hair, which is a clear sign that she’s completely nervous, and out of her element as far as she’s concerned, but Sono reassures her to not worry about winning or losing, guns blazing and all that mess.
The round starts as Karila and Yachiyo move into position, while Yura considers moving forward she notices an enemy coming from the outersides of the field. She begins wht appears to be an “I got to pee” dance, which confuses Kari, until she shouts loudly that she saw an enemy running on the sidelines. Yachiyo tries to cover Kari who dives out of the way, but Yachiyo immediately shows us why they only allow her to be the team sniper as she’s “hit” and eliminated early. Immediately after Rento’s voices can be faintly heard declaring that she too is “hit”. Yura goes into her own world agsin, imaging the battelfield as a legit battlefield, and thus she’s the rather disturbing image of Rento being shot in the face. She begins cowering in fear as Honoka tells her to snap the fuck out of it, and tells her to  come on.

Harila waits behind an obstacle before Rin (the black-haired girl, duh) as she tells her men to press forward, one of Rin’s men (even though they’re women) tries to flank Karila, but is shot in the face by Sono, but before she knows it, they’ve pulled a pincer maneuver on her, and she’s “hit” by the other enemy. Honoka with Yura is now concerned, they’ll be within distance of their flag soon, but Sono gives her a hand signal that says “I’ll take the crazy bitch with the black hair, you two find something else to do with your time, like get the fucking flag”, Yura is shitting herself declaring that she can;t run “through that”, but Honoka doesn’t allow her to change her panrs, as she declares it’s time to go.

Honoka and Sono set up on a wall surrounded by two Meisei grunts, ans Yura sashays up to a wall behind them all. Suddennly a third member takes aim at Yura, Honoka begins taking fire as the two surrounded them take up aim against them. In what is apparently later, we see Yura beating a retreat and declaring this all her fault, why even Sono is “hit”. The remaining members of C³ ponder why Meisei hasn;t just, you know, taken their flag by now, Yura meanwhile is scared shitless, she knows she can’t do this alone, she overhears of of Meisei’s men tell Rin that Stella is down to one (How close is she?), they Untitledcan easily end this right here, right now, and Yura is relieved, but Rin declares they don’t need the flag, confusing even her own man, as this is “Capture the Flag” after all , the point of which being to capture the fucking flag. But Rin just wants to gun down every last member of C³ for whatever reason. This freaks the fuck out of Yura, they’re going to come looking fer her, instead of taking the very vulnerable flag. She peers out from behind her cover to a sray of bullets, that knock her gun loose from her hand. They know where she is now, and that she’s un-armed. Rin slowly walks in for the kills, preparing to squeeze the hand on her trigger until…

UntitledShe surrenders, she withdraws, she forfeits, she quits, she throws in the towel, she lays down, she taps out, she waves the white flag, but more importantly she quits.

Rin grumpily grunts at her team’s victory (really?), and the buzzer sounds. Kari is surprised that it’s over (she is?), the PA Announcer declares that Stella has withdrawn from the game, apparently surprising Yachiyo, and Rento. As they walk back from the field Rin stops and asks Yura why she didn’t “fight to the end”? Which is completely stupid thing to ask, as she was totally outnumbered, lost her gun, and as such had absolutely no way to win so why even waste her time? Rin tells her some bullshit about the way she’s playing irritates her, as if Yura is suppose to give a fuck what irritates this girl she doesn’t know. She asks her what she’s fighting for? Considering it;s a game, she;s not fighting for anything… this girl is quite daft.

C³ come to meet up with Yura and Karila tells Rin to fuck off, and she does just that. the girls try to cheer up Yura, and ask Sono to say some encouraging words… and she agrees with Rin. She tells her she let her friend’s sacrifices go to waste and ran away… as opposed to letting her friend’s sacrifices go to waste by being totally outnumbered and shoot up. She says that since she can’t fight by herself (while being totally outnumbered) can’t fight with the team – which is a completely fucking stupid thing to say – she then barks to not be afraid of losing (which she did anyway by forfeiting) and to to never do what she did here again, then walks off.

Well, after that shit, it’s hot springs time. Apparently you’ll never see Honoka without her glasses again, so… here ya go.

UntitledUntitledRento exclaims that Honka naked is a sight to see, which is probably a reference to her tits, as Kari makes reference to Yachiyo’s lack of tits, while calling her a shrimp. Sounds of an ass-whopping are heard through the traditional Japanese paper-door, before the girls dive into the spring. Honoka tells Kari not to jump in, and Ksri tells Honoka to pull the stick out of her ass. Rento on the other hand is more concerned about what to do about Yura and Sono who are on the opposite side of the spring and sitting quite far apart. Karila thinks she knows, and dives into the hot water. She then pops out of the water in front of Yura and makes her look at her welts, Yura completely ignores her. Honoka tries a different approach and tries talking to Yura, whle Kari sulks back on the otherside while Yachiyo laughs at her pain. She tells her that “don’t do it again” means she has another chance, and the others completely agree about what they think Sono meant. Yura starts moaning about them having to make a fuss over her, and she apparently tries to drown herself, as she dives under.

UntitledWhile under she ponders that she thought joining C³ would help her change, but figures that’s just putting thid on others, not unlike Sono barkng at Yura to continue fighting even though she was completely out of her element. Unable to go through with her suicide she pops back out, as the members of C³ not named Sonora, stare on confused at what they’re seeing. She starts to tie her hair back up, and remembers some forgettable thing Sonora told her about leaving her hair as is, back when at the beginning of the episode. Yura decids that if she wants to stay with C³, she’ll have to change now, as Honoka is still confused at what she’s seeing.

The next day…

UntitledYura declares that she’ll take survival games seriously. She won’t run anymore. The other members still have no idea what they’re seeing. However, Sonora loves it, she thinks she’s sooooo kawaii <3. Well, Kari decides that they’re really going to “crack down” now, Yura interupts her and declares that she doesn’t want any nicknames, just call her “Yura”, and the episode ends with her declaring that she’ll “do her best”.

UntitledRATING: 3 OUT OF 5

Well, I don’t quite understand Sonora’s bizarre “you let our sacrifice go to waste” bit, seeing as she was totally outnumbered, and was going to lose either way. Rin, I get, because she’s fucking insane but at the end of the day, it’s just a game, how “seriously” is Yura supposed to take it. This may be a way for her to tell Yura not to be too scared of what was going to happen, as she was shitting bullets, but the drop in her voice just made absolute no sense.

It does seem reasonable that the other girls can’t stand Rin’s way of playing, Karila even admitting she’d never want to play with someone like her, it’s just mechanical, while they’re out there obviously to have fun, but rin’s style of play is to clearly just destroy the other team, and not even make a play for the flag. I still don’t quite understand What Sonora’s problem was (even from the future) but we’ll see where this goes from here, maybe.

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