Pokémon: Origins – File 3: Giovanni

Red is continuing his journey to become a Pokémon master, and is racking up a bunch of adventures we don’t get to see. like beating Erika, and fighting some “suspicious looking guy”, who leads him to “the boss of Team Rocket”.

UntitledOther mundane stuff happened, that we also don’t get to see, including Charmeleon evolving into Charizard. But who wants to see that shit?

Anyway, Red is in Saffron City, and wonders to the Silph Co. A company that makes tools regularly used by trainers, Blue tells Red that “Gramps” talks about them all the time. Red still narrating explains that they saved  a woman being harrased near the local Pokémon Center by Team Rocket. What Team Rocket were doing to her, or how Red and Blue saved her, who knows, because we’re only shown Red pulling her through a crowd with Rockets following behind. Red’s narration explains that this woman was a secretary to Silph Co.’s President. Blue repeats this information in case any of the viewers are as slow as Red.

The Secretary (or, by Gen I standards, SECRETARY) explains that the Rockets were after her because they took over Silph Co. for the Master Ball, because apparently she carries it in her purse or something. The Master ball, she explains can catch any Pokémon it wants, but it’s only a proto-type thus far. But Team Rocket are pressuring the President and it’s Scientists to work faster to finish it, because rushing people to finish big scientific developments surely doesn’t result in rushed and less than shoddy work.

The Scientists have been locked in and forced to work day-and-night to work on the Master Ball, and the police haven’t been informed because as we all know scientists don’t have families that would notice their sudden and unexplained absence. And even worse than Team Rocket keeping grown Men and Women as hostages, they’re experimenting on Pokémon. Those bastards.

UntitledRed angrily states that if Team Rocket keep going and are the only ones with the Master Ball, Blue finishes by saying that Team Rocket will be able to catch a lot of Pokémon. The secretary, who the camera is focusing hard on a shot of her ripped pantyhose for some reason, explains that The President has tried to contact the outside world for help, but he’s being watched too closely, so it was up to her to escape and get the word out to the police. She stands up and begins limping off and thanks them for saving her.

Later, the trio peak out from a building adjacent to Silph Co. were Rockets are standing around, arousing no suspicion at all in their uniforms from the criminal organization they are a apart of. Red tells Blue to take the Secretary to the Celadon Police department, because despite Saffron being a big city it clearly has no police force to speak of. Blue unlike Red doesn’t jut do what people tells him, and leaves Red and the woman alone to deal with Team Rocket.

UntitledRed doesn’t like that plan, and shows his displeasure by getting all up in Blue’s grill. He asked if he felt anything at all about the Pokémon he heard Team Rocket caught… and you know, the hostages, too. Blue relents and agrees to take her as far as the Celadon Police Station, which is still  a whole fucking town away, and Red is pleased. The Secretary then asks what Red intends to do when they’re away, and he plans to storm the Silph Co. because he’s a dummy. Red explains that he those Pokémon need his help, because the people are just fine with their current arrangement. When asked why he doesn’t wait for the police he says because then the Pokémon would continue to suffer, while the hostages live it up, being forced to against their will do experiments day-in-and-out.

Somehow Red sneaks in and releases a bunch of Pokémon, and then the scientists, while he screams at them “Get going! Hurry up!” like they’re fucking animals or something. Apparently the Rockets in charge of watching them all went to the shitter at the same time. To thank him, one of the scientists gives him Lapras. He claims it’s a very clever Pokémon, and can be used to swim across the seas.

UntitledRed like an idiot busts in the door, where they are keeping Silph’s president. Red is surprised to see Giovanni, as Giovanni remembers him from their hideout in another scene we didn’t see. Giovanni tells Red that he and the President are discussing business and he would like for him to fuck off, but Red speaks up and tells Giovanni that the police are “on their way”. Giovanni then says that all of Team Rocket’s mighty plans have been felled by a kid, and tells the grunt that it’s time to leave, but Red gets in his way and claims that he’ll stop him. Giovanni then gets the grunt to open his breifcase, and taes out a Pokéball. Red throws his Pokéball and out come Charizard, and on Giovanni’s side, a very manly sounding Nidoqueen. The two Pokémon take up uite a bit of space in the small office room, and this is probably not the best place for them to fight. Giovanni calls for a Double Kick, and the masculine female-only Pokémon rushes at Charizard and kicks him in the face, while swinging his/her tail, and smacks him with it, knocking him through the wall. Giovanni mocks Red saying he thought he’d put up more of a fight, as he snaps his fingers, and Nidoqueen rushes Charizard again. In a panic Red calls for Flamsthrowere, while Giovanni calls for Surf, which for whatever reason forms a ball of water in Nidoqueen’s paw.

The two attacks connect, and create an explosion that destroys the top of the Silph Co. building. After the dust settles, Giovanni mocks an unconscious Red, before recalling his Nidoqueen. Red comes too, and asks why Giovanni is using Pokémon this way, and Giovanni explains that to him Pokémon are just a business. Red insists that they’re not tools for business but our fwends! Giovanni mocks him, and says if they’re his friends, why does he allow them to suffer through battles, as he looks to his still KO’d Charizard. Giovanni’s helicopter getting way to close to the exposed Silph Co. building than is legitamately possible alows him to escape with a maniacal laugh. Red begins narrating that Team Rocket escaped before the police could arrive. Hmm, weird, apparently storming the building they were holed up in, and informing them the police were coming wasn’t the best of ideas, was it?

UntitledRed gets over letting the bad guys escape pretty quickly, and challenges and beats the Saffron City Gym Leader, Sabrina, and takes on the Fighting Dojo, and takes one of their Pokémon. Afterwhich, he rides Lapras – who by the way doesn’t look to pleased to have been just handed off to some random dumb kid – to Cinnabar Island where he “visited” the Pokémon Mansion, which used to house a whole bunch of Pokémon, but has now been abandoned. Though while inside he read some books about “new” Pokémon being discovered in the jungle. He then beat the Cinnabar Gym Leader Blaine and his giant doggy. Afterwards, he eavesdrops on a couple talking about the Veridian City gym leader being really strong, but he’s been away for awhile, so long in fact, that they had to close down the Gym. But now he’s heard from “some of the guys” that he’s back. Well, Red is just ver the moon. The strongest Gym leader? He just has to meet him, so he can tell him what it takes to be a great trainer.

Red gets to Veridian city, and who should he run into but Blue. According to Blue Red’s as slow as ever, and it shows. He correctly guesses that he must be here because he heard the Gym Leader is back. Red wonders if he’s saw him already and he opens his vest to show that he has the gym’s badge. Unlike Gary, Blue only has 8 badges, not 10, so he sucks, too. Red is impressed, though. Blue insists he was no match for his genius, and says that surely it’ll be too much trouble for him, then he leaves and tells him he’ll smell him later.

Red is at the gym, and is told that the Gym Leader is away, so Red is allowed to just hang around the office, because whatever. Apparently Red took not being kicked out of the gym as an invitation to just wander about and go in any room he wants, as he goes into the gym room, and remarks that it’s much different than the other gyms he’s visited. As suddenly the leader is welcomed back and to Red’s shock… it’s Giovanni!

Red proving Blue correct that he is in fact as slow as ever asks why he’s here, so Giovanni has to clue the poor idiot in that he is in fact the Viridian City Gym Leader. Giovanni admits though that th Gym is mostly just a front to hide Team Rocket’s real work. Giovanni surmise that he must be here to take on the gym for a badge, then, and Red says that e’s not a gym leader. Which is of course incorect as he is a gym leader. You see the other gym leaders, while all doing things totally different from each other (kind of like giovanni leading a criminal organization, instead of Gym Leading) but all of them loved their Pokémon. So, red refuses to believe that Giovanni is the strongest Gym Leader. Unfortunately, not believing it, doesn’t make it so, as Red goes overdramatic and proclaims that he’s challenging the enemy of all Pokémon.

Giovanni mentions his previous fight against Blue, and that he was far greater than most of the trainers he’s faced, but decides that he will not face Red “as a Gym Leader and as his Pokéballs are replaced by Ultra balls, he wonders why facing him makes him lose his cool.

UntitledGiovanni sends out his first of two specially chosen Pokémon that will force Red to his knees, and it’s a Rhyhorn, so Red decides to go with a Victrebell that he just so happens to have. Red orders a Razor Leaf and as Victrebell lunges toward Rhyhorn, Giovanni orders Horn Attack and… knocks it out in one hit. Red recalls the wounded Victrebell and sends in Kabutops, Giovanni is surprised to see that Red knew he uses Ground-types, which is a weird sentiment for him to have, as he just referenced that Red clearly knew he used Ground-types.

Red telsl Kabutops to use Slash, and Giovanni tells Rhyhorn to use Take Down, and Rhyhorn gets the better of Kabutops.Red orders hydro Pump as Rhyhorn uses Thunderbolt, and takes Kabutops out. Red recalls Kabutops, and sends in a Snorlax. Snorlax uses Hyper Beam and is taken out by Rhyhorn in one hit by Horn Drill.

UntitledRed is down 0-3, as he seems to be completely outmatched in every way, and seems to have no real strategy to speak of as he’s just throwing Pokémon into the fire, so after recalling Snorlax he sends in his horrifyingly ugly Jolteon… against the Ground-type Rhyhorn. Giovanni mocks Red’s terrible attempts at battling for putting in an Electric-type against a Ground-type. He tells Red he’s disappointed in him, then immediately wonders why he said such a thing. Red orders his Pokémonstrocity to use Double Kick, but Rhyhorn takes it out in one hit… with Thunderbolt. Giovanni reveals this is possible, because the difference in their Pokémon’s levels are too great. Apparently Red hasn’t trained a single Pokémon not named Charizard, and it shows in his absolutely horrendous showing against Giovanni.

UntitledGiovanni reminds Red he only has two Pokémon left, and Red chooses… Hitmonlee, which he apparently got from the Fighting Dojo. Why he didn’t send it in instead of Jolteon is anyone’s guess, though it’s mostly because he’s terrible. Giovanni realizes that this battle however is making him feel exhilarated for some reason. As Hitmonlee uses Rolling Kick and scores a good hit on Rhyhorn’s chin. Rhyhorn then retaliates with Horn Attack. Giovanni feels that he’s felt this “excitement” before as Hitmonlee uses Hi Jump Kick and Rhyhorn hits back with Take Down. As Giovanni and Red simoultaneously call for Horn Drill and Mega Kick at once, as both  Pokémon take each other out. It took him the entirety of 5 Pokémon, but Red has finally taken down Rhyhorn, and they’re both tied. Of course, as it took 5 Pokémon to just barely take down one of Giovanni’s, the odds would certainly appear to be in Giovanni’s favor, would they not?

Giovanni reveals his next Pokémon will be Rhydon, the evolved form of Rhyhorn, and that Charizard does not match up well at all with it. As Giovanni talks down to Red, Red tells the biggest bullshit ever, and says that he wanted his last Pokémon to be Charizard, and says that either he wins with Charizard or it’s meaningless… fortunately, his other Pokémon who he wildly flaffed into battle with no reason are still KO’d and didn’t hear that they’re sacrifice meant fuck all to Red, because he only wants to win with Charizard.

UntitledRed states that he won’t lose to Giovanni, he says his Chaizard is proof of how far he’s come, while his other Pokémon are proof of how much he’s phoned it in. Giovanni goes through an internal mnologue in which he realizes that Red is a lot like he ws when he was a kid with a Charmander. He then wonders… if he could have been this child… well, hopefully a smarter version of him.

They both order a Mega Punch from their respective Pokémon, and they bth land and do a decent amount of damage. Red orders a Mega Kick next against Rhydon’s Fury Attack, Charizard’s attack misses, but Rhydon gets Charizard right in the gut. Charizard goes flying into the wall, and is almost out, and to finish the job, Giovanni demands a Horn Drill. As Rhdon charges at Charizard Red calls for a desparation Seismic Toss, Charizard dodging the Horn Drill picks up Rhydon and slams him into the ground.

Charizard wins!

Giovanni is impressed, and offers Red a Gym Badge. Red angrily (and stupidly) rebuffs it, and says he doesn’t need a Gym Badge from the boss of Team Rocket… though he does of course need one from the 8th Gym Leader, so unless he’s going to pull a 9th gym to challenge out of his ass, or something.

Giovanni then turns to his two grunts and… and… officially disbands Team Rocket. The Grunts are horrified, he tells them to get the word out to everyone of their members that they are now unemployed. Giovanni then turns back to Red and re-offers the badge to him as “The Viridian City Gym Leader”. Giovanni tells him that if he wishes to complete the Pokédex, of which there are only two in the world, so how does he know it exists, he’ll have to face much stronger Pokémon on the way to face the Champion of the Pokémon League.

Giovanni tells him to take the path he did not, and insists he’ll try to find a new path, as Red says he’ll find the way. HE’LL DO IT!!!

UntitledRATING: 2 OUT OF 5

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