When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace eps. 1-3 short review

This won’t be the same as my previous posts, it’s an expedited post to help get something back on this blog, so bear with it if you loved the full length ones, now onto the review:

Episode 1:
I would have liked if the first episode actually showed these characters getting used to their powers, instead of timeskipping several months in advance, and having MC explain their powers. For a show about characters gaining Superpowers, the show doesn’t seem that interested in actually showing us their superpowers.


Episode 2:
I didn’t really dig the second episode, they tried to hard for my taste to make what’s-her-face suddenly likeable, after making her a prick the first episode.

It’s only the second episode, I don’t know enough about this character to care if she’s crying about a break-up from the world’s most disingenuous relationship, pink hue doesn’t suddenly make me care about her.

Also, their powers were barely even mentioned this episode. The crux of your show is that these kids get supernatural powers, where are those powers?


Episode 3:
So, I’m starting to wonder why the show even went with the Superpower hook in the first place. This is three episodes and they haven’t really moved the needle on that, except to keep telling us that Andou is so with it when it comes to their powers, and how awesome he is by getting people to stop calling the one girl names, and he told them this and that, and he told purple-haired chick to never revive the dead, and he told the elementary school loli to never bring inanimate objects to life. I feel the show could be better if they learn the simple rule of “show, don’t tell”.

Maybe they’re building to something with the new character, but again, it would mean a lot more if we actually got to see the characters use their powers in some meaningful fashion, other than to cheat at Tennis.

Also, it feels like half the episode was filled with boring nonsense about kanji meaning, and feel like the other half of the script was written by a random word generator.



For a show called “When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace”, they sure aren’t interested making it commonplace. Maybe they blew through the animation budget in episode 1 to make us think that this show is super awesome, and that we should totally watch it, before they comfortably melted back into being a run of the mill Slice of Life show.


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