When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace ep. 4 ~ Remember When This Show Was About Kids Getting Superpowers?

Today’s Supernatural Battle that has become commonplace, is Chifuya wants to quit school.

If the show had just presented itself from the beginning as yet another Slice-of-Life show, instead of pretending to be about the potentiality of them using those powers to fight supernatural battles, I probably wouldn’t be so hard on it. But so far, it’s just thrown characters at me, and wants me to care about them, like they’ve done some big thing.

Also, this show has a strange problem of referencing other shows, almost as if the people behind it would rather be working on those other shows. I never watched Kill la Kill, so I don’t know any of the references. This week’s reference, I guess comes in the form of Kuki Madoka, who’s last name is Madoka, like that other anime that people liked so much. References to other shows don’t make your show more interesting, guys.

Nothing important happens this week but Screamy jokes from the MC, and fake sentimentality from a character we just met, also apparently Chifuya can make portals to go from one place to another. This would be important if the show gave a shit about that aspect. The only thing of note is that, girl we’ve never seen before is SUPER SAD that she never hangs out with Chifuya, and Chifuya prefers to hang out with these weirdo high school kids for no apparent reason. They also bring up Kudou again, who I’ve notice has been absent since episode 2.

I’d say there was a stunning lack of “Telling” in this episode, while we didn’t see the initial argument between Chifuya and her friend we did get to see the blow-off. Though we don’t know why she doesn’t want Chifuya hanging out with them, though Andou gives her a reason to resent him in a painful scene where he announces he’s a “lolicon”, and creeps on her because jokes.

There was also a scene in the middle where they use Chifuya’s powers to cosplay, that goes nowhere.

Either way, I couldn’t particularly care less about characters who seem to have no real purpose but throw faux drama at us, and I think this is where me and this show part.



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